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Sweety High

We chatted with Hannah Patten, co-founder of the eco-friendly bikini line, Hülya Swim. As someone who basically lives in her two-pieces year round, Hannah breaks down the different uses for her suits that don't involve water.


A Life Unfiltered

A new week of my series #WCW is back with my friend, entrepreneur Hannah S. Patten of Hülya Swim! I’ve known Hannah for a really long time and watching her entrepreneurial journey progress has been not only inspiring but exciting for me to watch. I asked Hannah 5 questions about what launching her recyclable swimwear line Hülya has been and how she plans to run the company while in college!

Heels Down Magazine

She was wrapping up a successful week at the Kentucky National Horse Show, where she won nearly every class she entered. Hannah described her current line of show jumpers as some of the best horses she’d ever had the chance to compete in her lifetime. But as she sat on her tack trunk in the barn aisle, looking at her horse standing in the crossties, she decided this show would be her last.


Silicon Alley Podcast

In Episode 10 of the Silicon Alley Podcast, Saving the Planet One Bikini at a Time, you'll hear from Hannah Patten and Christina Firestone Co-Founders of Hülya Swim. Hannah and Christina discuss how they came up with the idea for the business and why environmental sustainability is at the center of their brand mission. You'll love hearing the passion these two have for what they are building and the impact their business is having.

Voyage LA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Hannah Patten and Christina Firestone.

Hulya Swim stands for a new, innovative and eco-friendly swimwear brand, which uses a high tech recycled fabric made out of recycled ghost nets and other ocean debris. Hannah Patten and Christina Firestone, the founders, have produced a high-quality swim product in an eco-friendly manner.

Thrive Loud Podcast

Hannah and Christina believe that there is still time to make a difference, but we have to act now to make a difference. They believe in a cleaner and more stable ocean.

Hannah connects with Lou Diamond on Thrive LOUD and shares how Hülya is cleaning the ocean one bikini at a time.



Nyota Magazine

Check out this inspiring interview with our founder Hannah!









Authority Magazine

"Don’t be too hard on yourself when things don’t go well: I have a really bad habit of overreacting and overthinking situations and when things go south I tend to blame myself for what went wrong. But, in reality most of the things that don’t go my way are completely out of my control which is totally okay and I just have to find ways to accept and understand that."

Good Morning Nashville


Hannah Patten & Christina Firestone discuss their ethical swimwear brand this morning!





CBS Boston Nightly News

Hannah Patten and Christina Firestone founded Hulya Swim, which recycles sea trash into swimsuits.

Hannah and Christina joined Liam Martin on CBSN Boston to discuss their company.



Get to know Hannah Patten - co - owner of Hulya Swim - a high quality recycled swimwear line with a continuing mission to create a safer environment and cleaner ocean.




Mini Media

Meet Hannah Patten, who is a lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur based in Florida. Hannah is the founder of Hülya Swim, which is an eco-friendly swimwear line with her best friend, Christina Firestone. Holy Swim uses a high tech recycled fabric made out of recycled ghost nets and other ocean debris. Read on to find out more about how she got started and journey towards creating a meaningful business and life.

Redemption Market

Hülya Swim is dedicated to creating the highest quality swimwear products made from eco-friendly, sustainable and recycled materials including ghost nets, carpet fibers, and tulle, which are all found in the ocean.





The Sh*t Show of my 20s

Today’s guests are Hannah Patten and Christina Firestone. We talk about how they created Hulya Swim, tips for how to be more sustainable in our everyday life, and what it is like to work with your best friend.





Ryan Porter


The main inspiration behind Hülya Swim was the need to develop a product for consumers to introduce a new way of life. By creating a product that almost every person has in their closet with upcycled materials directly shows the customer that there are endless possibilities to become sustainable and eco-friendly in many aspects.





Good Day Sacramento

Hulya swim, founded in 2017 by Christina Firestone and Hannah Patten, created a new, innovative, and eco-friendly swimwear brand. Ashley is learning more!

Surf Girl Magazine

Introducing Hülya Swim, a new innovative and eco-friendly swimwear brand which uses a high tech recycled fabric made out of recycled ghost nets. For founders Hannah and Christina, producing high-quality swimwear in an eco-friendly manner is key. Driven by their dream of a cleaner and more stable ocean and a desire for consumers to educate themselves and better the environment all on one platform. Developed for the explorer, the confident, and the bold, for those who have the urge to travel, prefer salt water, sand, adventures and are fascinated by the ocean. See the new collection at hulyaswim.com/ourpromise.