Explore the wonders

of the underwater world

with our sustainable swimwear made from recycled ocean plastic

The Explorer Collection

Swim in style with the Explorer Collection. This collection is designed to celebrate and preserve the world's waters. This line is made from recycled materials and features ocean inspired prints and reversable pieces. Made from 100% recycled polyester and non-toxic materials, our swimwear is fashionable and also environmentally friendly.

Explore the ocean

Our explorer collection was designed to provide a sustainable swimsuit option that's stylish, comfortable and fun! Made primarily from recycled materials like plastic bottles, the bold patterns of our collection is not only great for the environment, but will match any personality.

our new all inclusive size guide!

We fixed our sizing!

No one is perfect, and we will be the first to admit it. It has taken us a while to perfect our sizing. But, now you will notice when you shop, our sizing has changed slightly. You will see three options XS/SM, MD/LG, or XL/XXL.

XS/SM Fits like a traditional small and can fit even the smallest of ladies (if you know what we mean)

MD/LG We like to say this is our most universal size. From almost every body type, you can practically guarantee that you will fall in love with how it fits.

XL/XXL Everybody is unique and beautiful, and sometimes we grow in different places. We wanted to create something for all of our ladies so they can rock what mama gave you and save the ocean.

From the people
From the people
These double lined bikini sets are great quality and fit so well! The reversible pieces give you two bikinis for the price of one, plus the colors are bright and fun.
— Larzita
From the people
I fell in love with this swim suit the second I put it on! The buttery soft fabric makes it feel like you don't even have anything on and the bright and fun prints (with a solid reversible side so you get two suits for the price of one) it is surely to put a smile on your face. It is definitely my new favorite!!
— Isabella
From the people
I never thought I would find a swimsuit that made me feel this great. Hulya has finally fixed their sizing and now their suits run true to size! I love all the prints and the solid reversible option so you get two suits for one. The fit and feel is amazing. I am wearing a small bottom and small top!
— Karli

Meet The Prints

The Exuma Print

Grab your beach chairs! Exuma is home to the world-renowned tropic of cancer and is known for beautiful white sand beaches, turquoise waters, pirates, and Hannah's favorite: the food and culture! the print features turquoise color blocks and Exuma surfer print, to honor Surfer's Beach. With this print, you get culture and island flare with each piece. Made for the lover of our global community and culture and the restless curious spirit in all of us.

The Bimini Print

Inspired by the mysticism of the island of Bimini, this print explores the natural beauty of the island and the adventurer alike. The two color-blocks are dedicated to the meaning of Bimini which translates to "Two Islands." It is believed that Bimini is the home of the fountain of youth and other obscure things reside here like the infamous Great Hammerheads. This print is a show stopper and made for the magical and mystical icon you are just like the coral reefs we all love and know!

The Tiger Beach Print

World-renowned for its clear and calm water, budding coral reef life, tiger beach, located on the west end of Grand Bahama island, is home to one of the greatest sources of biodiversity for shark species. Divers and explorers alike come from all over the globe to witness this phenomenon. The print details shark fins and palm trees over a calm sunset. This print is a one-of-a-kind and radiates confidence that these beautiful animals and explorers share alike!

Conserving Reefs Through Restoration, Research, Eco-Tourism, & Education

Our Ocean Partner

Ocean Rescue Alliance (ORA) is a marine conservation and restoration non-profit organization that implements innovative technologies to restore our marine environments.

Through the creation of artificial reefs designed to incorporate art, innovative designs, and safe materials, ORA will enhance marine habitats and provide unique diving locations worldwide. However, we also strongly advocate that the main causes of habitat loss (local stressors and climate change) must be corrected to maximize restoration effectiveness. Our artificial reefs serve as a targeted solution in the face of pressing marine habitat challenges, to increase coastal resiliency, expand ecosystem services and create lasting habitat for biodiverse marine organisms.