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With every bikini set purchased you will receive a free scrunchie and reusable bag made from post consumer materials

About Us

Hülya Swim was launched in 2019 by Christina Firestone and Hannah Patten. Hülya Swim represents an innovative and eco-friendly swimwear brand. Our bathing suit fabric is curated from recycled ocean debris.

The reason we chose to make our line primarily eco-conscious is because there is only one ocean, and one planet; and we need to start making conscious decisions to help protect it. We have put Mother Nature at the forefront of our mission and story for this reason.

The dream is a cleaner ocean, which derives directly from the name. Hülya is Turkish for a daydream.

At Hülya Swim, we are dedicated to creating the highest quality swimwear products made from eco-friendly, sustainable and recycled materials including ghost nets, carpet fibers, and tulle, which are all found in the ocean.

Not only are our products promoting a clean ocean, they are also extremely flattering and copious amounts of time is put into creating each individual piece. We want to clean and create a healthy ocean delivered with creativity, imagination and ingenuity.

We dream of a cleaner and more stable ocean, this company was developed for the explorer, the lover, the sophisticated, confident, and bold. For the girls who prefer salt water, sand, and adventures.