About Hülya Swim

At Hülya Swim, we believe that sustainable fashion is beautiful fashion. Using eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials, we create pieces that are as functional as they are fashionable. Most of our swimwear is made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles collected from local beaches, turning ocean waste into a must-have accessory.

Hulya Swim was founded by ocean loving fanatic Hannah Patten, 24. The dream is a cleaner ocean, which direves directly from the name- Hülya meaning daydream. Hannah developed the company for the explorer, the lover, the confident, and the bold. This company was created for those who prefer salt water, sand, and adventures all while bettering our ocean everyday, fighting for the dream. 

Through a unique process we are able to take plastic water bottles that are found on the coastline of beaches. After collection the plastic is broken down into small flakes then those flakes are melted into tiny pellets and then they are melted again, filtered and spun into threads. Using a zero water sublimation technique we are reaching new standards of producing sustainable swimwear. Hülya Swim strives to not only produce fashionable bathing suits, but also keep its promise to protecting our only ocean. With each piece containing up to 30 plastic water bottles we are pushing the envelope on ways we can save our planet.

As humans we are generating more plastic waste than ever before, and unfortunately, only a small percentage of that plastic gets recycled. As a company, Hülya Swim identified a problem and we wanted to do our part to make the situation better. The future of Hülya will be geared towards recycling plastic water bottles and turning them into beautiful and functional swimsuits