A letter from the founder

Hey there, ocean souls!

I'm Hannah, also known as @simplyhannah, the wild-hearted founder and CEO of Hulya Swim.

To me, Hülya is the essence of the salty waves and our beloved planet. It's not just some brand. It's a call to dive deep, break free from your comfort zone, and embrace new experiences. It's an invitation to wander and explore this mind-blowing world we all hold dear. Now, I'll be real with you—I can't stand being cooped up, doing the nitty-gritty work required to run this brand. But I've witnessed how it ignites passion in others, inspiring them to nurture our planet and go on awe-inspiring adventures.

Take a moment, vibe with Mother Earth, my friends. Let Hülya be the catalyst that sparks questions about the origins of your clothing. Consider your choices and ponder alternatives. Whether it's a one-time splurge or an investment for the future, ensure the companies you support align with ethical practices and transparent sourcing of materials.

My vision for this brand? A constant reminder of how each of us can become better guardians of our precious planet.

Together, we're cleansing the ocean, one bikini at a time. The choice is yours—will you stand with the planet?

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A Little About Us

Hülya Swim believes that sustainable fashion is synonymous with beauty. By utilizing eco-friendly fabrics and recycled materials, we design swimwear that is both stylish and functional. Our commitment to sustainability is evident in our use of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, collected from local beaches, to create most of our swimwear. This innovative process transforms ocean waste into must-have accessories.

Founded by ocean enthusiast Hannah Patten, aged 24, Hülya Swim is driven by a vision of a cleaner ocean. The company's name, derived from the word "Hülya" meaning daydream, reflects this aspiration. Hülya Swim was created for adventurous individuals who appreciate saltwater, sand, and the beauty of nature while actively contributing to ocean conservation.

Our unique manufacturing process involves collecting plastic water bottles from coastal beaches. These bottles are broken down into small flakes, melted into pellets, and then melted again, filtered, and spun into threads. By employing a zero water sublimation technique, we set new standards for sustainable swimwear production. Each Hülya Swim piece incorporates up to 30 plastic water bottles, pushing the boundaries of environmental responsibility and conservation.

As a society, we generate an alarming amount of plastic waste, and only a small fraction of it is recycled. At Hülya Swim, we recognized this problem and sought to be part of the solution. Our future endeavors will continue to focus on recycling plastic water bottles and transforming them into beautiful, functional swimsuits. With each creation, we fulfill our commitment to protecting our oceans and preserving our planet.

Our Ocean Partner

The Ocean Rescue Alliance is a specialized coral restoration program dedicated to revitalizing and conserving coral reefs worldwide. Through innovative techniques like coral gardening and transplantation, they restore damaged reefs and enhance their resilience. Their scientific research and collaboration with experts and local communities help mitigate threats such as climate change and pollution. The alliance also raises awareness and advocates for marine protected areas to ensure the long-term survival of coral reefs. With their dedication to coral restoration, the Ocean Rescue Alliance is making a significant impact in preserving these vital marine habitats.

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