Eco-friendly household items we recommend!

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The importance of buying sustainable household items

You may not know it but you most likely own many household items that are extremely toxic to the environment. Research predicts that by 2030 we will have to start making drastic changes to our daily lifestyles in order to save our planet, as we have not been very kind to her in the past. Especially in the U.S., we live in such a fast-paced world where we don't often take the time to think of the damage we are causing to the environment when we do things like going to the store for cleaning supplies. Thankfully, there are so many great businesses looking to better the environment with their products, similar to Hülya Swim!

Many people think that shopping sustainably means spending more money for products that don't work as well. Actually, that isn't always true and it has become so easy to find sustainable replacements for items that actually end up costing less, whether that be in the short-run or long-run! Now it's time to get to the point and show you what our favorite products are and why.

Wool dryer balls - a replacement for dryer sheets

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Wool dryer balls are a fantastic and practical alternative to dryer sheets. Regular dryer sheets are terrible for the environment. They contain harsh chemicals and are not biodegradable. The chemicals in dryer sheets actually may irritate your skin, making them counterproductive for many people. These wool dryer balls from Public Goods are 100% biodegradable, fragrance free, cruelty free, all natural and eco-friendly. Not only that, but wool dryer balls come with many other perks. Each dryer ball is made to last for 1,000 loads, which is much longer than your average pack or dryer sheets. Not to mention they reduce static and wrinkles much more effectively than dryer sheets. Oh, and we almost forgot to mention that making the switch to wool dryer balls will actually save you money. These dryer balls from Public Goods are only $6.50 for a pack of three whereas a pack of dryer sheets is usually around $9. Wool dryer balls also save energy, as they create air pockets in the drier that make it much faster to dry clothes. In conclusion, making this switch is basically a no-brainer.

Silicone stretch lids - a replacement for plastic wrap

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Silicone stretch lids have become increasingly popular in recent months. Not only are they better for the environment, they are also so much easier to use than plastic wrap. They stretch easily over any plate, bowl or cup you own and keep your leftovers fresher for much longer than plastic wrap with its super tight seal. A pack of silicone stretch lids is only $15 on Amazon. The average plastic wrap roll is about $5, however, these will last for many many years and will preserve food longer, which will save you money on food. They are also washing machine safe, making them super easy to clean.

Reusable cotton rounds - a replacement for cotton balls

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Reusable cotton rounds are another sustainable alternative that have become increasingly popular recently. This is another no-brainer! This pack of 18 reusable cotton rounds from is $14.99. The average pack of cotton balls/cotton rounds costs about $5, but these cotton rounds are made to last for years and you can find cheaper packs of eco-friendly, reusable cotton rounds on Amazon for less than $10. They contain no harsh ingredients or chemicals and are so easy to clean. These reusable cotton rounds from Seek Bamboo are 100% eco-friendly, made from organic bamboo cotton and come with an organic travel bag. These are also considered a great alternative for makeup wipes which also contain suspicious chemicals, hardly do the job and are very bad for skin (especially sensitive skin).

Eco-friendly dental floss

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Eco-friendly dental floss is such an easy switch! Regular dental floss costs about the same, averaging at about $3. This biodegradable dental floss from is only $2.50! It's made of 100% biodegradable silk and has completely natural ingredients. Traditional dental floss is not biodegradable and has massive potential to harm and choke wildlife when it leaves your trash can. You can also find charcoal floss sticks at many stores, which is another great alternative to regular dental floss. Most brands even sell them in recyclable bags so there is zero waste with your eco-friendly floss purchase!

Sustainable cleaning products


Now, let's talk about cleaning products. This one might just be our favorite. Do you know how many plastic bottles you're wasting when you buy those name brand cleaning supplies? Are you also aware of how many toxic and dangerous chemicals are in those name brand cleaning products? The answer to both of these questions is probably way too many. We're obsessed with this brand called Blue Land that offers these sustainable cleaning supplies kits. They come with reusable spray bottles and tablets that contain non-toxic chemicals. Each tablet cleans something different-- glass, all-purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, hand soap, etc. All you do is place the tablet in it's designated glass spray bottle and fill the rest with water. This method so much better for the environment and for you! The truth is you are breathing in so many harmful chemicals when you use the name-brand cleaning products. This starter kit from Blue Land is $39.99 and after that, the tablet refills come in packs for about $6. The average bathroom cleaner and all-purpose cleaner costs anywhere from $10-$20, so you're definitely saving tons of money in the long-run!