Meet Our Babes

Maddie Cholnoky

Maddie works and lives in the Florida Keys as a scuba diving instructor and conservation coordinator at the dive shop she is associated with. She has always had a deep love and appreciation for the ocean, so much so that she made it her professional career. Maddie supports and works with Hülya because Hülya not only speaks for he planet, but for the people inspired to protect it. She feels grateful to be able to do what she loves every day surrounded by passionate women who share her same beliefs in ocean conservation.


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Rayna O'Nan

Rayna resides in West Palm Beach, Florida where she works as a scuba instructor at Calypso Dive Charters. Rayna shows her passion for the ocean through her photography - Ocean Ray's Photography. Rayna studied Marina Biology at UNC Wilmington. She also has a deep passion for cleaning the ocean of debris and works closely with organizations like Project Aware.


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"Hülya Swim not only recognizes the problem but it offers a fun way to reduce the waste in our oceans"

- Rayna O'Nan

Amanda Smerge

Amanda is a professional freedive and yoga instructor with over 20 years of diving experience. She has witnessed first hand the environmental impacts of humans. Where once coral was alive and vibrant, it has been left a boneyard. She is passionate about sharing her love and knowledge of the underwater world. Through her partnership with Hülya, she is helping take debris out of the ocean one bikini at a time, giving hope to the future of our planet. These bathing suits aren’t just comfy and beautifully designed, they are making a real difference in the sustainability of our future.

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Logan Kanan

Logan more commonly known as @sharkl0ve on Instagram lives in Bimini, Bahamas where she works as a shark feeder. Logan has an immense passion for sharks and shark conservation. Through her efforts she is showing people how these apex predators impact the environment, the ocean, and the tourism industry. Logan is inspired by what Hülya stands for and her deep love for the ocean stems from growing up in Florida.


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Alexa Curtis

Born and raised in small town Mansfield, Connecticut, Alexa Curtis knew she was different. She didn’t fit into the “normal social mold.” In 2011, at just 12 years old, she started a fashion blog; A Life in the Fashion Lane. It became a platform for her to express her feelings around everything relating to teens, body image and mental health.

A Life in the Fashion Lane was changed to Life Unfiltered with Alexa Curtis and became a lifestyle website and podcast for teens & parents discussing topics such as social media and mental health.

When Curtis is not hard at work, she meditates frequently and makes time for
hobbies like cooking and exercising to keep herself grounded. Although she is based in Los Angeles, she spends part of her time on the east coast.

Mallory Cohen

Mallory is from South Florida and most of her childhood was spent on the water so starting at a young age she developed a huge appreciation and respect for the ocean and keeping it clean and preserved. Mallory believes that the ocean will always be one of the most precious places on earth, she says it can teach you a great amount about the world and it’s habitat and even yourself!

Mallory loves Hülya because she finally found, a comfortable/fit and affordable swim brand has decided to make the right choice and continue this appreciation for the ocean by going sustainable and using fabric from recycled ocean debris! She also loves Hülya because of the woman surrounded by this eco- friendly company. They are confident, strong, free and adventurous.

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Janelle Van Ruiten

Janelle lives in Jupiter, Florida where she is a Photographer/Videographer as well as a safety diver for Florida Shark Diving. Her job allows her to be able to share her passion for the ocean by educating people on the importance of sharks and other apex predators to our oceans ecosystems. Janelles passion for the ocean can be seen through her work as  photographer and her decisions to live a more sustainable lifestyle by being a better consumer and buying sustainable brands such as Hülya!


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Valentine Thomas

Valentine is a trained lawyer in Canada and worked in finance in London for 6 years. Freediving Instructor with PADI, professional traveller, accomplished chef, advocate of sustainable eating, she quit her well-paid job in London to live a simple life and to spread the word about eating responsibly. She travels the world to fish and hunt with locals in order to eat the best food, caught by herself, in an eco-friendly way.

The TEDx speaker offers conferences, life-changing expeditions, underwater stunts, freediving courses, outdoor cooking classes, videography and photography underwater content.


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Kim Kurtz

Kim is originally from the panhandle of Florida. Although the ocean was always a huge part of her life it wasn’t until she was older that she grew an appreciation for the ocean. The excitement of scuba diving seemed like a fun activity at first but little did Kim know that it would kickstart her journey that would change her life forever.

After attempting free diving for the first time the blue waters of Hawaii struck Kim’s eye and she knew exactly where her journey was going to lead her to next. With two bags and a skateboard in hand, Kim left what she knew behind.

Shortly after her move, she started to notice all the microplastics mixed in the sand, sealife wrapped in fishing line and nets, an abundance of trash floating in the water. She began to start diving with a knife to do what little she could. This small paradise in the middle of the Pacific stole her heart and she wanted to do everything in her power to protect it. Companies like Hülya give her hope that we will make a change. As ocean lovers/goers we always seem to accumulate an excessive amount of Bikinis. It brings her such pride to know she is wearing a brand that is sustainable, eco-friendly, and helps clean our oceans.

Kim usually doesn’t wear bikinis due to the lack of coverage and security while being active in the water. Hülya's fit is not only functional but very flattering. She is so honored to represent such a great company and be a Hulya woman!


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Kristina Recalde

Kristina is from South America where she resides in Boca Raton, FL. When Kristina isn't working on the shark diving boats she runs the Hülya swim social media accounts and models all of our beautiful bikinis!


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