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APR 5, 2020


Check out this awesome new and sustainable cleaning brand that we are absolutely obsessed with!

Why are we obsessed with BlueLand?

In today's world, it can be hard to find certain products that are eco-friendly based- not to mention cleaning products. It seems like everywhere you look new companies are trying to revolutionize they do business- for the better and the planet.

Single-use plastic is a major issue our planet faces. Blueland Cleansers is on a mission to reduce plastic by increasing its lifespan. This company sells household cleansers that are made from 100% reusable plastic bottles. You buy a bottle the first time you purchase the cleaner, and after you do so it is $2 refills for life. The refills come in the form of cleaning tablets so you just fill your bottle with water and add a tablet to create a non-toxic, heavy-duty cleanser. You will never need to throw another spray bottle away and be amazed by the non-toxic cleaner that will keep your house clean.

Take a moment and think deeply about how many plastic bottles containing cleaning supplies that are hoarded in a cabinet in your house. Imagine if you could replace the expensive and harmful cleaning supplies with $2 refills for life. Their products don’t not only resonate essential oils but it is pet safe as well. We have used this product top to bottom on our boat and it does just as good, maybe even better than the leading cleaning products.

"A Cleaner Planet Starts At Home"

- BlueLand

Written by Hannah!

Hannah is the founder and CEO of Hülya Swim!

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