How to Care for your Hülya Bikini or One Piece Suit

How to Care for your Hülya Bikini or One Piece Suit

How to Care for your Hülya Bikini or One Piece Suit

If you want your favorite swimsuit to last forever, all it takes is some extra attention. How you handle a bikini or one piece suit determines how long that swimsuit will last. Taking care of your swimsuit is as easy as taking some time to give it some extra love. From washing to storage, we wanted to share a few ways Hülya babes can care for their swimsuits.

Hand wash it!

Skip the intense washing cycle your washing machine will subject your bikini or one piece suit to by hand washing it. Hand washing can be as easy as taking the swimsuit with you into the shower after a day in the water. Instead of squeezing the water out of your swimsuit, lay it flat to dry. This will help maintain the shape of your swimsuit while preventing wrinkles in the fabric. Not ringing out your swimsuit will also prevent unwanted stretching.

Switch it up!

Get more use out of your bikini or one piece suit by alternating looks more often. The more you wear a swimsuit, the quicker it’ll wearout. By alternating looks, you can keep swimsuits lasting longer.

Use your Hülya bag!

Store your bikini or one piece suit in a Hülya bag to keep out moisture. Be sure to wash your Hülya bag too. Our drawstring bags are made from post production fabric scraps. Instead of throwing them away, we make scrunchies and drawstring bags which come with every bikini set or one piece purchase. They’re perfect for taking your bikini or one piece suit with you on the go. And perfect just for staying at home. If you want to know a few more ways to use your Hülya bag, check out our blog post 5 Ways to Use Your Hülya Bag.

Consider using a Guppyfriend Washing Bag!

When washing your bikini or one piece suit (or any clothes) using a washing bag can eliminate microfibers from making their way to the ocean. Put them in a jar and put it on a shelf! It’ll be a good way to demonstrate how much waste we produce, in ways we’ve never considered.

Whether you’re hitting the pool or diving, it’s important to take care of the things we own. By respecting our purchases we respect the environment. Not having to replace things as often means we reduce the waste we produce in our lifetimes. A few extra moments of care, makes all the difference for the future of our planet and the oceans on it.

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