How to be a Sustainable Clothing Consumer

Here at Hülya, we are on a mission to save the ocean one bikini at a time. But we know that bikinis aren’t the only clothing item our Hülya babes are going to buy! Here are a few eco-friendly tips to keep in mind when buying new clothes or when dealing with the clothes you currently own.

Make it last!

Making clothing last is one of the easiest ways to cut down on the amount of waste we produce. You should, of course, never just throw away old clothes, but there comes a time in the life of a garment where someone might make the decision to throw it away even if you donate it. So, make your clothing last longer by rotating outfits. You might be tempted to wear the same clothes everyday, but you’ll just end up replacing them faster. The same goes for accessories like shoes and bags. Having a few good quality items that you rotate will extend the life of any clothing item or accessory. Learning to repair the clothes you already have is another way to extend the life of your garments. Instead of throwing away socks with holes or tossing a sweater with a tear in the sleeve, sewing them up can have them looking as good as new.

Think quality and not quantity!

Instead of opting for cheap, fast fashion options, buying good quality clothes will keep you from replacing your clothes as often. Higher quality fabrics have a higher thread count, which means the clothing will maintain its integrity after more washes and wears. How sustainably clothing is made is also worth looking into! Many brands are transparent on their social media pages or websites about how they source material and where and how production happens. Not only will you be buying good quality clothes, you’ll be assured that you’re not supporting human rights violations or environmental degradation. There are also brands, much like us, who make everything from shoes to workout gear out of recycled plastics and fibers! Anything can be sustainably sourced and manufactured; doing a little research can help you find eco-friendly versions of whatever you’re shopping for.

Go retro!

Instead of buying new clothes, buying gently used clothes is a great way to shop sustainably. Instead of a new garment which was made through energy draining and pollution creating production methods, buy clothing that already exists and is waiting to be rebought. You might even come across some great vintage finds! Apps like Depop are great for searching for clothes from any brand and in any size. You can also sell the clothes you have which are gently used or that you just never wore. And if you’re down to sift through clothes to find things you would like, support a local thrift store!

Watch how you wash!

Once you’ve brought your new clothes home, the first thing you probably do is wash them to get all those lingering dyes and chemicals off of them. But the way you wash clothes can affect how long they last and your impact on the environment. Try using cold water during washing machine cycles. This will ensure you use way less energy than with hot or warm water. It’s also worth looking at tags to see how a garment should be handled. Some clothing isn’t able to withstand a tumble dry. Line drying or laying a garment flat to dry will cut down on energy and subject your clothing to less stress. In our previous blog post, “How to Care for your Hülya Bikini or One Piece Suit” we mention how using a washing bag can eliminate microfibers from making their way to the ocean. We recommended checking out the Guppyfriend Washing Bag to catch all microfibers that come off of clothes when they’re being washed in a washing machine.

Our consumer habits are one of the biggest ways we affect the planet we love. By making conscious and sustainable choices when making purchases, we can contribute to a better cleaner future. Happy shopping Hülya babes!

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