Hülya Babe Alexa!

Hülya Babe Alexa!

Alexa is one of our favorite Hülya babes as she does a lot of work behind the scenes! We finally had some time to sit down and chat about what makes her a Hülya babe!

Where do you live and what is your current occupation?

I'm the CEO of the Be Fearless Summit and life Unfiltered with Alexa, and I live in Los Angeles!

How did you get into loving the ocean?

Honestly, Hülya has always really inspired me to get closer to the ocean. Growing up in Connecticut, I wasn't near the beach often so when I moved to LA, I wasn't used to always being near water. Finally feeling comfortable in swimwear has inspired me to spend time at the beach, even if I'm not always in the water.

What inspires you most to get in the water?

Finally feeling comfortable in swimwear! I promise you, you couldn't find any pic of me in a two suit until Hülya was founded. It's incredible.

What makes you a proud Hülya babe?

First of all, I'm so impressed by the two young founders. How they've accomplished so much in such little time is inspiring. Aside from that, they aren't solely promoting pretty girls in swimsuits. They're seriously cleaning up the ocean one suit at a time.

Top bucket list dive trip?

Bali! Tahiti!

If you could go diving with one person, who would it be and why?

At this rate, Hannah - who is one of the founders. She seems to know everything.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My dad, and Michelle Obama.

Can you share your favorite quote with us?

If it was easy, we could all do it.

What is your favorite Hülya kini? Style/color?

I'm newly obsessed with the one piece. Even though I love the Hülya two piece, it feels good to be back in a comfortable one piece occasionally!

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