A Sustainable Birthday

A Sustainable Birthday

A Sustainable Birthday

There are a lot of reasons, in our lives, to celebrate. Birthdays, weddings, new babies. But the way we celebrate has a lot to do with how much our environmental footprint affects the planet. Every year, billions of pounds of trash are produced from parties alone. Disposable cups, utensils, and decorations all contribute to landfills and their subsequent runoff. This runoff often ends up in the ocean or other bodies of water which are home to delicate ecosystems. We rounded up some eco-friendly ideas so our Hulya babes can celebrate any occasion, with a lighter environmental footprint.

Ditch the plasticware and just use real dishes!

It can be a pain to have to wash up after a party, but you’ll save plastic and money by not using plasticware. Plastic utensils have a devastating environmental impact. From their production to what happens after you throw them away, plastics do the planet no favors. Plastic also harms your health! Studies have shown that the chemicals in plastics may affect your endocrine system, which regulates hormones in the body. So, instead of putting hot food on a plastic plate, use a regular ol’ ceramic dish. You can always enlist a group of friends to help with clean-up. Who would say no when the fate of the planet is at stake?

Forget conventional decorating ideas and go green!

Literally, go green; try using live plants to decorate your party. You could even give them all away to your guests at the end of the night! If you want to make confetti, using a hole punch on different colored leaves is a zero cost way to create 100% biodegradable confetti. For banners, buying a reusable generic cloth banner that says “happy birthday” or “congratulations” can be used for years to come. After all, there are so many other ways to personalize a party, like writing someone’s name or achievement on a cake with frosting!

Consider an ethically conscious menu!

Industrialized animal agriculture is one of the leading sources of greenhouse gases. The animal agriculture business is also often unethically run and animals are essentially tortured so we can eat for cheap. Opt for a vegan menu if you can. If you can’t, getting your meat and produce from local sources that use ethical practices is the way to go. Buying organic also ensures that your produce isn’t full of pesticides that harm your body and the environment. When buying fish, try to buy local. Otherwise, making sure you buy from a responsible and sustainable fishing business will ensure your hard earned money isn’t going to businesses that contribute to overfishing or environmentally damaging artificial fish farms.

Together we can help facilitate new ways to celebrate which don’t have such a negative impact on the planet!

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