5 Ways to Use Your Hülya Bag

5 Ways to Use Your Hülya Bag

With every bikini set or one piece purchase, our customers receive a small drawstring bag made from post production fabric scraps. Since these bags are made from swimsuit material, they’re durable, travel ready, and multipurpose. We came up with a few ways-other than storing your swimsuit-to use your Hülya bag!

Keep your chargers safe while traveling!

Use your Hülya bag to store your lightning cables and wall adaptors. When cables are tangled and not properly stored, they can become damaged. Damaged cables could potentially cause electrical fires, creating a huge risk to your safety. Cables that aren’t maintained properly will also need to be replaced more frequently. Storing your cables properly will ensure that they last longer, cutting down on your contribution to landfills.

Use it as a makeup bag!

Instead of your makeup floating around in the bottom of your bag, put it in your Hülya bag! The material of the drawstring bag will ensure that even if your favorite glitter lipgloss gets all over it- you can easily wash the bag.

F*ck it, throw some nuts in there and call it a snack bag!

As long as you regularly clean your hulya bag, it’s perfect for snacks! Any dried snack such as nuts, granola, or dried fruit would be well preserved and secure in a Hülya bag. Take it on the go to keep your snacks fresh instead of using plastic ziplock bags.

Take it grocery shopping and use it as a produce bag!

The production of plastic produce bags contributes to the degradation of the environment in so many ways. From the pollution created during production to their inability to decompose in a landfill, produce bags are one of the most environmentally damaging single use plastics around. Like many plastic bags, they can end up in the ocean where they resemble jellyfish. Unknowingly, animals who eat jellyfish, like seas turtles, may eat these bags and subsequently die. Instead of using a produce bag at the grocery store, bring your Hülya bag instead!

Pencil bag for your backpack!

Hulya bags are the perfect size for storing pencils, paper clips, and erasers. Instead of buying a pencil case, use your Hülya bag as one! The drawstring will keep your pens and pencils from marking up the inside of your backpack while keeping your stationary in one place.

By replacing single use items, like plastic bags, in our lives, we can ensure that we’re not contributing to ocean pollution. Not only will you save money by using a reusable bag, you’ll also help save the planet.

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